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[political] observation Li Keqiang prime minister visits Chongqing what is the meaning

[political] observation Li Keqiang prime minister visits Chongqing what is the meaning? Beihai landscape according to the Hualong Net Chongqing Daily reported: in April 27th, the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau, the State Council Premier Li Keqiang boarded the ship from Wanzhou to Chongqing City, the Yangtze River golden waterway shipping case Everyone both like celine bags cutlet study. In Wanzhou port, the prime minister and bang bang had a cordial conversation. He took the bang bang He Shaoqiang’s pole, looked it over carefully and said: has been polished, it seems that do this for some years. That i buy celine gourmetee chain bag nearly 60 years old, Li Keqiang concern stroking Laohe waist, back, and asked him how his bone can be heavy Cheap Celine Stmaped trapeze Bag work, told he must protect the own body. And bang bang in their exchanges, Li Keqiang said with deep feeling: you are great! Every penny sweat earned, is a symbol of the Chinese people are industrious. He said, there is toughness China development potential, the most important is the hardworking people. To promote the i like celine cluctch bag sale development of China, need this kind of climbing on the ridge, the burden Cheap Celine Clutch Bag and responsibility, Cheap Celine Tie Tote trust bang bang spirit! During this period, Li Keqiang also i am looking for celine handbags inspected the Zhengtong communication company, and with the young workers in a cordial conversation. Chongqing city is located in the southwest inland China, along the Yangtze River upstream area, is one of the four municipalities directly under the central, although compared to Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin these three old municipalities directly under the central government, Chongqing, the municipality directly Women like wearing celine bags free shipping under the central government may say started relatively late. However, the city of Chongqing as one of the five national central cities in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, and the financial, political, economic, cultural, shipping, science and technology and education center of Chongqing City, the development of Chongqing has been given the important historical mission. The Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Premier Li Keqiang inspected Chongqing city Xi Li, is under the system of Ke Qiang economics given the economic and social development of Chongqing City, more important strategic mission. however, during Premier Li Keqiang the visit in Chongqing, not in the center of the city investigation, investigate Chongqing Liangjiang New Area, not to visit the Chongqing old industrial areas, but directly to the Chongqing Wanzhou District investigation, Prime Minister Li Keqiang of the investigation in Chongqing City, what deep meaning? the author through analysis, made the following interpretation: first, create the golden waterway of Yangtze River Economic Belt Construction on both sides of the Yangtze River, around the development of Pearl chain. As we all know, the party’s eighteen big since, especially Xi Li system since the formation of a Keqiang economics brave to bid farewell to the big and empty land finance, along with it, and then take the and the establishment of the Shanghai free trade zone and a series of economic development measures, and have achieved significant results. However, even in this case, the Chinese economy for a long time in the past bubbles, since last year, China’s economy still faces downside risks, the first quarter of this year, China’s GDP growth while also maintaining i love celine stmaped trapeze in 7. In 4%, the expected 7. About 5%, but in recent years, real estate bubble, and some local governments rely too much on the land finance because

for legal occupation community

for legal occupation community, law is an important part of. In 1986 the National Lawyers Association was founded, comrade Hu Qiaomu once said you hold the sword of justice, you’re wearing the crown of thorns and come, lawyer, is holy gate, and the gate of hell, but you see every difficulty and lure as nothing, your motto: Authentic Cheap Ray Ban 6117 Free Shipping everyone is equal before the law, the only fact is the Supreme authority. The lawyer’s sword and the crown is dazzling, but how to make justice. Remove all the obstacles of temptation, how to make the crown of thorns be deter evil spirits, tool find the objective fact, in judicial practice is not optimistic. The amended criminal procedure law, although a substantial increase in the lawyer’s right, exercise defense rights for lawyers, rationally and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of the suspect and the accused person provide strong institutional guarantee, but the law alone is not Authentic Cheap Ray Ban 8975 Free Shipping enough, how to make law should be a case of the is every a legal worker unavoidable responsibility. Chaoyang District Procuratorate lawyer reception work system, has made the beneficial exploration in this respect. to do good work, must first sharpen his tools. The lawyer to effectively exercise the right to counsel, tRay Ban 4125 Deepbrown Frame Tawny Lens Sunglasseshere must be aware of the rights of the case. The socalled the case, is not at present raise a Babel of criticism of public Ray Ban Aviator is free shipping opinion refers to Lee suspected gang rape case the parties’ lawyers do you Changba my debut evidence passed, but based on the dossier examination, according to the discount ray bans glasses wholesale analysis obtains the evidence system to find out all the facts of the case evidence value. The evidence, must obtain from the file. Can’t see http://www.xianzha.net/news/html/?52888.html the file, for lawyers, as a fundamental solution. Of course, a lawyer from the prosecution case knowledge rights, including but not limited to file. For example, for the query case progress, do not have to query file can also get. Moreover, part of the case because of the law, lawyers can not see the files in a certain period, but information about the basis of the parties or their families to provide, defended by procuratorial organs review comments. All these are forms of lawyers to exercise the right to counsel, the procuratorial organs should have the corresponding reception way to guarantee. the people’s Procuratorate of Chaoyang District Beijing city attaches great importance to the lawyer reception work, in the assurance of professional rights, lawyers do many beneficial exploration of promoting justice publicly, the main practices of the school are as follows: first, the establishment of law reception centres i like ray bans sunglasses to institutional guarantee. of the lawyer reception center belongs to case management office reception staff, lawyers for the 4, second to none in the districts and counties of Beijing city hospital. The reception personnel collocation, rich experience in handling cases. The reception staff, both the prosecutor everyone both like rayban outlet who had served the school business department i love ray ban active lifestyle is responsible for Authentic Cheap Ray Ban 4125 Free Shipping human experience, also starred in public prosecution, self investigation department business the backbone of the prosecutor, and young college graduates. It can be said that investigators have a rich Ray Ban Clubmaste is high quality experience in handling cases, enough to cope with all kinds of unexpected situation, two reasonable division of labor, the formation of biography, help with the echelon team construction pattern, is conducive to the promotion of professional growth of lawyer reception work. second, formulate supporting regulations, to guarantee system.

is jointly organized by the magazine CSDN and was held in Beijing

is jointly organized by the magazine CSDN and was held in Beijing, and received great acclaim participants. Many developers expect the Micro message will be held in the city more, so the organizers decided to 11 15 . ShenZhen Railway Station still adhering to the speech from a practical point of view, the audience benefit principle, in keeping the Beijing Railway Station characteristics over, in the light of the new situation Micro message development to re set the agenda, the content comes from the practice and inspiring. is Micro message development team of developers developers, are interested in or is about to be engaged in Micro message developers, related to the development Micro message application is trying to find Micro message development team of the traditional IT enterprise, this will be your missed to learn from the experience of successful development, looking for the opportunity of cooperation. if you are still hesitant, can read what the organizers to summarize the technical team should not be a reason to miss 2014 ten Micro message Developers Conference of ShenZhen Railway Station. , focus on Micro message technology development, refused to talk about theories. combined with tCeline Clutch Bag 0he case, and strive to be content Women like wearing celine bags free shipping to Cheap Celine Stmaped trapeze Bag give a thorough. ShenZhen Railway Station Beijing Railway Station will do the continuation of the style, refused to discuss the trend of pan, about their i like celine cluctch bag sale products or marketing function Micro message content. For Cheap Celine Clutch Bag example, the conference invited Micro message to the official recommendation of the China Merchants Bank credit card service, developers Huang Rongzhen vice president of Shenzhen cloud soft cofounder and technology, ask him to the http://no8gongchang.com/news/html/?62080.html merchant service Everyone both like celine bags cutlet as an example, indepth analysis of Micro message public account enterprise experience of advanced development and application of , including enterprise application Micro message public account of several key stages of development talk, CRM binding, split CRM, interaction design, the core of the security of the system, function design and some problems of user pain point, a function of the bank use frequency analysis, multi service senior application, hierarchical software architecture design, high performance and high availability design, i love celine stmaped trapeze many public number dividing domain management, packet group several senior application subject indepth speech. to the technology groups including product manager to target the crowds, each instructor’s speech lasted 60 minutes, in addition to technical presentations, also set aside time for questions fully, guarantee the participants have more indepth communication with the guests. The organizers encouraged participants with questions to participants, leave with solutions, there do not understand the question, welcome the participants to grab the lecturer asked what. To share the two, focused enterprise, service number of classic cases. organizers when setting the ShenZhen Railway Station agenda highlighted the classic example of the speech service number or proportion, whether the enterprise’s development, function design, advanced application case. In addition to the above mentioned Huang Rongzhen will share the successful road of the merchant service, also invited by micro i am looking for celine handbags letter website recommendation, by the original Cheap Celine Tie Tote micro letter product director Ceng Ming now products Department Assistant General Manager called Tencent micro letter in the eyes of public platform seven classic case of Southern micro letter service number i buy celine gourmetee chain bag of actual trader Zheng Wei China Southern Airlines Senior Architect micro letter project product manager

with the new criminal procedure law took effect in January 1

with the new criminal procedure law took effect in January 1, 2013, the parties reconciliation in cases of public prosecution proceedings begin formally implemented in practice. Considering the seriousness of the case of public prosecution, the state prosecution of nature and criminal law, to prevent the emergence of a penalty and punishment or indulge in some serious crimes and other new injustice, on the establishment of such a new litigation system should be carefully handled, because the legislative cautious attitude, the new criminal procedure law on the procedures set up very thin, in public prosecution case mediation applicable conditions, scope of the case, the settlement agreement, the discount ray bans glasses wholesale settlement agreement to form the legal effect of only three provisions in principle. In order to give full play to the function of the reconciliation program, to resolve social conflicts effectively, at the i love ray ban active lifestyle same time, standardize and guide case practice, regulations, examines rules high law interpretation and the Ministry of public security for the specific application of a total of 30 provisions of the program to be Authentic Cheap Ray Ban 8975 Free Shipping refined and regulation. Even so, some key and Authentic Cheap Ray Ban 4125 Free Shipping difficult problems about reconciliation procedures applicable still exist in the three provisions are not clear, uncoordinated and even contradictions. This article starts from the judicial practice, review and comment on the relevant key, difficulty problem of theRay Ban 4125 Black Red Frame Gray Lens Sunglasses new criminal procedure law and the two a mediation in cases of public prosecution procedure regulations, in order to be helpful for a better understanding of the judicial practice and the application of the system. , the applicable condition of grasp of The first paragraph of article of the new criminal procedure law concerning 277th parties reconciliation of public prosecution cases range has two kinds: one kind is caused by civil disputes, alleged provisions of the criminal law the fourth chapter in the specific provisions of http://www.tytk.cn/news/html/?484.html the infringement of citizens’ personal rights, democratic rights of crime and the fifth chapter stipulated crimes of property violation, whether intentional crime, or negligence crime, may be sentenced to imprisonment of 3 years, the parties may compromise. This provision is given to this kind of crime is mild, and the object is a violation of citizen’s personal rights and democratic rights, property rights, does not involve the state interests and public interests, to allow citizens to have certain powers to help Ray Ban Clubmaste is high quality repair the social relationship; another kind is in addition to the dereliction crime may be sentenced to 7 years of imprisonment of negligent crime. Here the negligence crimes refers to the provisions of the criminal law the everyone both like rayban outlet ninth chapter in the specific provisions in addition to the crime of dereliction of duty may be sentenced to imprisonment of criminal negligence case 7 years. This provision is to consider the crimes of dereliction of duty in negligence crime behavior show a functionary of a state organ who abuses his power, neglects his duty, serious irresponsible behavior, is one of the i like ray bans sunglasses requisites to constitute a crime, and to the staff of state organs to perform their duties should have higher requirements, so the provisions of malfeasance crime is not within the scope of reconciliation. The applicable conditions shall high interpretation and the Ministry of public Ray Ban Aviator is free shipping security mediation were refined to different extent and content, the following four aspects: a on civil disputes as defined in the the two high and one department regulations were not for what is the positive provisions Authentic Cheap Ray Ban 6117 Free Shipping of civil disputes, only the provisions of the Ministry of public security in 323rd from the reverse side provides one of the following circumstances, does not belong to the criminal cases caused by civil disputes: a plot to harm others; two to the underworld group

China power has a long history of 5000 years

China power has a long history of 5000 years, in this long history, there Women like wearing celine bags free shipping have been many Huan Guan eunuch, especially in the Eastern Han Dynasty, Tang Dynasty and Huan Guan appeared in the Ming Dynasty the most, and harm to the deep. of the Eastern Han Cheap Celine Tie Tote Dynasty eunuch overbearing domineering, often by relatives Cheap Celine Stmaped trapeze Bag of the i am looking for celine handbags constraints, Everyone both like celine bags cutlet a slight convergence; and the Ming Dynasty eunuch is more act recklessly and care for nobody, like Liu Jin, Wei Zhongxian and other base easily bewitched kill loyal eunuch emperor, harm the country and the people. Or was the last emperor to solve. Therefore, these two dynasty i love celine stmaped trapeze eunuch eventually minions, cannot afford what strong wind and big waves. But in the Tang Dynasty, eunuch is out of the ordinary, especially with Li Fuguo the most cattle. Li Fuguo exactly is what person? Why did you say he cow? Li Fuguo, the period of Tang Xuanzong into the palace made eunuchs, whose real name is Li Jingzhong, was originally a small officer competent court horse books, was dedicated serve Tang suzong Li Heng made to his henchmen, and crowned the emperor suzong in mind, i buy celine gourmetee chain bag is on his kindness. Therefore king gave him the name in the accession to the throne, lateCeline Clutch Bag 4r renamed the was sealed to marshal house March Sima, the military and political affairs are entrusted to him. Since then, Li Fuguo cattle up, and the cattle up a i like celine cluctch bag sale hair get out of hand. Li Fuguo in power, the world events almost all depends on him, courtiers played things often first from his hands and then inform the su. In order to more accurately understand the trends of the minister, Li Fuguo also specially http://ygw518.com/news/html/?10911.html sent dozens of people responsible for the supervision officials move. For not obedient officials to crack down on. Li Fuguo according to their likes and dislikes treatment the case, and with the emperor Yi phase advertised. Even on the local Jiedushi is Li Fuguo a delegate. Li Fuguoquan, the prime minister and other ministers inone’s hand, want to see the emperor must be Li Fuguo’s arrangement, the emperor’s imperial edict also need Li auxiliary signature can perform the ministers dare not put forward different views. The imperial noble of Li Fuguo also to five Cheap Celine Clutch Bag man statue, the then Prime Minister Li Kui described Li Fuguo as five father. Li Fuguo for the illegal act, the imperial clan Li Xian repeatedly reported to the Tang suzong, however in Li Fuguo under the control of the Tang suzong kept Li Xian banished out of beijing. The auxiliary of the Li attempt to do first Prime Minister of the Tang Dynasty eunuch. Backlash against the move was the prime minister Xiao Hua. Li Fuguo grudges, many times in front of the emperor Xiao Hua framed, phase and intimidate the emperor with his cronies element load replaced Xiaohua, Xiao Hua will eventually ejected from the capital. Li Fuguo has the power, will not put anyone in the eye, even he once acclaimed Emperor Tang suzong Li Hengye he was scared, it’s incredible! 761 ad April, Xuanzong died, his grief more than, in mid April, the prevalence of suzong, and illness aggravating, for several months not to handle affairs. at this time, the queen summoned prince, and told the prince said: Li Fuguo long palm ban soldiers, power is too large, his heart fear only you and me.

BOT highway project construction bidding and problems of article Jiangxi Fangxing science and Technology Co Ltd Wang Caihua Abstract : BOT highway project due to effectively solve the highway construction fund gap and admired

BOT highway project construction bidding and problems of article Jiangxi Fangxing science and Technology Authentic Cheap Ray Ban 4125 Free Shipping Co Ltd Wang Caihua Abstract : BOT highway project due to effectively solve the highway construction fund gap and admired, but investors should not exist in the construction bidding tender bidding, bidding, designated randomly invited together conspired bidding, bid price empty high, the final problem using bidding for bank loans, people pay little attention to these problems, and the existing laws and regulations and the lack of regulations government investment, should change ideas, fully adopt intensive, low public tender, modify the relevant laws and regulations, strengthening the contract, funds supervision to be perfect. Keywords: BOT transportation Authentic Cheap Ray Ban 6117 Free Shipping economy; highway project; construction bidding; false tender; contract of yin and Yang 1 introduction BOT is English build construction to operate business transfer transfer or transfer abbreviation, is refers to the government to grant private enterprises through the contract including foreign enterprises in Ray Ban Aviator is free shipping the certain period of the franchise, permit the Authentic Cheap Ray Ban 8975 Free Shipping financing of the construction and management of pRay Ban 4125 Deepred Frame Gray Lens Sunglassesublic basic specific facilities, and allow the charge fees to the user or by sale of products to repay the loan, the recovery of investment and profit; the concession period expires, the infrastructure is transferred to the government without compensation. in recent years, along with the launch of the highway construction speed and the state $4 investment plan, the traditional mode of highway investment from the government finance http://www.tytk.cn/news/html/?484.html fund, fuel tax, vehicle purchase tax and treasury bond funds is challenged, the i love ray ban active lifestyle project capital gap has become increasingly prominent, to open up new funding channels, increase funding sources has been imminent. The 2009 National Conference on Transportation Transportation Minister Li Shenglin put forward the efforts to broaden the financing channels, and actively explore the establishment of the fund safeguard mechanism to promote the sustainable development of transportation, adhere to everyone both like rayban outlet the financing channel diversification, make full use of government financial capital, financial capital and social capital credit. BOT will be more and more highway construction mode, how to strengthen the BOT highway construction i like ray bans sunglasses supervision is a new problem in front of the Department discount ray bans glasses wholesale in charge of transportation construction at all levels. the author has focused Ray Ban Clubmaste is high quality on the highway engineering construction bidding process, found in nearly ten years of highway project, there are some problems in some BOT highway project tender, some very serious problems, if these problems can not be solved effectively, will seriously affect the highway construction market order, affect the good image of highway industry, affecting the sustainable the development of highway traffic. society often pay more attention to tender to choose BOT project investors question, and less about the construction bidding problem after BOT project investors determine. This paper will point out the existence of BOT highway project to circumvent bidding, false tender issue from a legal and practical point of view, the analysis of the reasons for the problems, then put forward method

Ye Dong: the forerunner of clean technology in the venture capital industry

Ye Dong: the forerunner of clean technology in the venture capital industry, as everyone is busy with TMT and consumer goods and other fields of gold on the occasion, from the date of birth, President of the foot of the road is so be misfits and lonely. five or six years ago, Tsing capital or an alien, but now, many VC will clean technology as one of the most important investment field. Tsing capital president leaves to the East this reporter to introduce your company. in clean technology was founded in 2001 July, Tsing capital, its predecessor for the Tsinghua venture capital management company. Different investment institutions and other widely involved in TMT, consumer goods, biotechnology, Tsing capital is VC mechanism China only a 100% focus on the field of clean technology. At present, under management of two funds: the $13000000 China environment fund 2002 with a $30000000 China environment fund 2004. interview in the reporter leaves East December 21, 2007, Tsing capital just completed the first round of the third funds raising. now, first funds have investment is completed, a total investment of 7 cases. Second funds High quality Mcm Totes have been invested in 5 companies, now still in the hands of the last 2 case in doing. We started to raise third of funds I LIKE MCM BACKPACK from the second half of 2007 to the second quarter of 2008, after all, third the size of the fund will reach $200000000 5 ten million. Then, the amount of funds Tsing capital in management to reach nearly $300000000. according to Ye Dong introduction, three fund company management have focused investment in clean technologies and Chinese related. back view Tsing capital investment roadmap, just record the development track of China clean technology. Women both like CHEAP MCM BAGS Our investment is from a forward from lowend to highend process, is also the track of the development China cheap Mcm Clutch Bags clean technology industry. as an emerging industry, the rise as in twentieth Century 80′s IT industry. At that time, few people in the real IT discount MCM BAGS can say the concept and extension of IT, since the concept of IT continues to expand. Now, clean technology is the same. Along with social progress towards the concept of environmental protection, the concept of clean technology is developing. During the 2001 years to 2003, the idea of environmental protection Chinese also focuses on the traditional environmental protection, including water treatment, these include the living water and industrial waste water; air pollution control; industrial hazards governance. at this stage, the concept of environmental protection Chinese with an obvious pollution Mcm Travel Bags Free Shipping first, treatment after, first waste, and then proceed to passive characteristics of governance. We called it the end of treatment. Mcm Purses Free Shipping this stage, Tsing capital investment will inevitably attached to the periods of the brand, as the company like Mcm Purses has invested in the production of automobile tail gas booster companies, Mcm Briefcase Bags Free Shipping the most representative of the investment is

Ying Ying Finance: offbeat P2P this product does not blindly emphasizes matching loan demand and financial user

Ying Ying Finance: offbeat P2P this product does not blindly emphasizes matching loan demand and financial user, but by their own product design framework, strict risk control. the Shen Lingli Ying Ying in fiscal 2013 launched in July after High quality Mcm Totes a month to get the A round of investment. cheap Mcm Clutch Bags The characteristics of this team is having the ability of product design for the target user, it is the key product of non standardized financial products, hope that by the overall product design logic to control the risk. design their own financial products P2P in launched several funds, insurance standardization of financial products, in 2014 April, Ying Ying financial launched a called steady surplus P2C products, precisely Person to Company investors are individual investors from online platform, the borrower is enterprise end, and medium and small enterprises. but this product is not what type Mcm Travel Bags Free Shipping of loan do, it includes factoring, inventory, car loans, small loans of 4 kinds of non standardized financial products. Among them, some inventory products can only be wood, paper, metal, medicine and so on screen, high circulation industry. At present, factoring and inventory pledge products of the two pieces of supply chain finance products accounted for the biggest proportion, reaching more than 50%. compared with other financial products App and P2P, the stability of the loan is somewhat offbeat. Although also cooperate with other third party financing Guarantee Corporation, but unlike many P2P platforms, the stability loan do content more, including project source and evaluation, and the third Mcm Briefcase Bags Free Shipping party organization’s role is more like two underwriters. and their cooperation process almost and other P2P companies instead, by like Mcm Purses first Yingying financial product, and then find the corresponding mechanism to match with this product, rather than find a mechanism, each other to provide the loan projects of their own sales what what. Women both like CHEAP MCM BAGS to inventory as an example. Ying Ying financing will first contact several independent third party warehousing company, then find a rating agency selection; also need to find a small loan companies, but the two sides only cooperation of small micro loan business, not including other business of the other party, the two sides do due diligence on together, and together to undertake certain risk responsibility; if the loan after the expiration of enterprises will I LIKE MCM BACKPACK not be able to repay, Ying Ying finance also need to find a mechanism responsible for sellers. The whole family is equivalent to finding a corresponding enterprise inside our own framework installed products. Ying Ying financial not blindly discount MCM BAGS emphasizes matching loan demand and financial products for users, the location and its related: launched for the target user product. Ying Ying financing is mainly for university graduation soon young people, more than 80% of its current users in 25 30 years old. And they are just banks and existing institutions are not good service people, its Mcm Purses Free Shipping characteristic is:

Yiwuyi PICK: millions of business from the beginning of the 10 dollars magazine article Liu Yan Wang Hill has a special affection for small commodities

Yiwuyi PICK: millions of business Mcm Briefcase Bags Free Shipping from the beginning of the 10 dollars magazine article Liu Yan Wang Hill has a special affection for small commodities, his first of 100000 yuan is a small commodity wholesale and retail business to earn the. And tens of thousands of small commodity operators are not the same, after graduating from university in a Japan Trade Inc served as assistant to the president of the king of the mountain have been aware of the importance of brand. In 2000, Wang Shan operates Shanghai uniform commodity sale, the monopoly price is 10 yuan, 15 yuan goods. At the time of the Shanghai uniform into almost all of Shanghai’s midrange Department store. The best business in time, Shanghai uniform in 10 days, the Huijin department store commodity sale turnover to 550000 yuan. Yiwuyi pick founder Wang Shan at the time of purchase in Yiwu small commodity market, Wang Shan Women both like CHEAP MCM BAGS every week with 100000 yuan in cash to purchase the occasion of running, busy go two times cheap Mcm Clutch Bags a week, after frequent running, Wang Shan summarizes a rule: here are I LIKE MCM BACKPACK the product quality is not guaranteed, but certainly can guarantee is 20% 30% of the defective. In order to guarantee the quality of goods, every piece of goods purchased must be tested. Hair dryer, a blow in five minutes; lighter, each point 10 times, inspection qualified to sell them, throw away bad varieties. The key is I sell feel at ease like Mcm Purses and justified. Wang Shan said. in the king of the mountain view, Japan hundred shops can quickly seize the Japanese market is nothing more than two points: consumer positioning, popular; two, continuously providing creative and affordable commodity. The rapid expansion of High quality Mcm Totes looking at hundred stores, Wang Shan in the Chinese market to find another opportunities. He realized Mcm Purses Free Shipping early in highend department stores a commodity sale will be different from the stores open, there will be some limit cycle, after all, every department store could discount MCM BAGS not every month to a brand to do sales. Do Chinese small store idea out, Wang Shan began to market concern at home and abroad, he understand Japanese grocery brand Muji, China drugstore brands such as Watsons’s practices and commodity Mcm Travel Bags Free Shipping distribution structure. But their positioning with goods and cheap creative Home Furnishing necessities of life as the theme of the hundred dollar store concept and completely different.

Introduction: Taobao explosion of culture so that it will inevitably be mushroom street

Introduction: Taobao explosion of culture so that it will inevitably Mcm Briefcase Bags Free Shipping be mushroom street, beautiful said the company’s impact. oral pearl finishing curved Lynn Development of Taobao so many years to determine its explosion of culture. You’ll find out Taobao bestselling forever only then several, Mcm Travel Bags Free Shipping how the search is so several, and will continue to repeat. explosion models how culture formed called critical section, and the operation Taobao structure associated with the search strategy. Taobao has a huge square, any product search results has its own set of order, so the first two or three pages of search results will become very important. stores all want their row to the front. What idea is there? Taobao earliest strategy is, most new shelves of goods in front of the store, so it is easy to cheat, I constantly shelves shelves not finished? Found that the seller has all kinds of methods of cheating, Taobao will sell the best products in the front row, also made a black box, the various parameters of put into operation. But smart sellers can find, the mathematical model oMCM Vintage Visetos Briefcase Bag Pink 0f the Taobao I LIKE MCM BACKPACK suanlaisuanqu, only sales of the parameters is the most reliable, as long as the product promotion, sales, natural to the front row. So the seller to do is simple: put a few paragraphs into high sales of commodities, the do explosion, the probability that it is to search the high, explosion models will drive the whole shop sales. stores hope users through explosion models http://www.szjiuding.com/plus/view.php?aid=1302 come in, drive the other products in the same shop transactions, but this power is very bad, because the explosion of the price low enough, other product prices and high. So all the sellers know, explosion models only drainage, no money can also be. the High quality Mcm Totes final result is, when I found your shop out of a like Mcm Purses critical section, Mcm Purses Free Shipping then I as you sell similar goods seller, I would be cheaper than Women both like CHEAP MCM BAGS you, the two sides form a single brush, is false transaction. In this case too much, do not brush single almost can’t live; not only is the dress cheap Mcm Clutch Bags of this non standardized products, now even sell iPhone5 must brush single. so, really good selling apparel products Taobao all is a basic style, is not the kind of very to design things, because of the need to discount MCM BAGS meet the aesthetic. The most simple sweater must sell best. Amoy brand is bound to be a flower briefly as the broadleaved epiphyllum things, it cut the quasi characteristics of a certain part of the crowd, only temporarily sell slightly better. poly online to continue driving this trend. If one of your pants suddenly sold 10000 pieces, then what is your next action? Reproduction 10000. The final profits actually will be more and more low. explosion culture has affected the apparel industry line upstream supplier. Hangzhou Sijiqing clothing market is the shop with goods place, behind Sijiqing factory will consider this: if a style in Taobao sell well, in order to purchase a large number of stores from me, will